First  cover of 'THE JAVANESE KRIS.'


Groneman, Isaäc; Duuren, David van. (Introduction and preface).

288 pp.; 43 b/w line drawings, 32 b/w illus. of kris as published in the original text, enhanced with 269 illus. of Javanese kris and krishafts from the collections of the National Museum of Ethnology in Leiden, the Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam, the Worldmuseum in Rotterdam and several private collections. Leiden, 2009. Cloth. Standard work.

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English translation of Dr. I. Groneman's articles published as 'Der Kris der Javaner' in German (1910-1913) in the Internationales Archiv für Ethnographie (IAE 19 & 21). An epoch-making early study of the Javanese kris, in which Groneman reports on his sessions with the empu Karja di Krama to the international forum of ethnologists. Not only does it survey, step by step, the creation of five krisses using 'proto pamors' but it also deals with the smithy and all the individual tools used. Groneman furthermore describes in great detail the experiments which, with the purpose of reviving the art of Javanese weapon forging, took place on his initiative with new pamor materials such as lumps of Chinese nickel and slices of German Krupp nickel. An allround history of the kris, as recorded by the Javanese themselves in chronicle or manuscripts, and an extensive alphabetical list of Javanese kris-related terms are included. Thanks to major contributions from a Dutch institute (KITLV), ethnographic museums and private collectors 'The Javanese Kris' is enhanced with 300 illustrations of kris, kris hilts and previously unpublished illustrated manuscripts on the kris dating from 1840, 1850, 1858 and 1920.